Declercq Passementiers’ story has started in 1852 with a small trimmings factory in Paris. Generations of craftspeople have handed down their expertise and ancestral techniques, thus perpetuating the refined traditions of a trade that has become rare.

Jérôme and Elisa Declercq represent the sixth generation of this family of trimming-makers and still work according to these traditional craft techniques. Today Margot, Jérôme’s daughter, works with them.

Matching with furnishing fabric, trimmings give an incomparable touch. Trimmings enhance, bring contrast or compliment to a dominant color while adding delicate refinement. A nice tieback over a curtain, a sofa fringe, a braid or gimp for cushions… Trimmings ornament, enrich, and gives life to fabrics they are sewed on.

Museums and historical châteaux under renovation rely on Declercq Passementiers’ expertise to reproduce trimmings of exceptional intricacy and beauty. History has proved Declercq Passementiers to be one of the pillars in the art of interior design.

Declercq Passementiers
15, rue Etienne Marcel

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